No Risk 100% Guarantee

Having second thoughts about getting a payday loan, contact our office, complete the loan cancellation form, and repay your loan principle in full within 24 hours of obtaining your loan. Easy as That.

As a responsible lender. We work with our customers in getting quick cash in amounts you can afford. This is just one of the many ways we work to exceed your expectations.

Our clear responsible lending guideline:

Right to Cancel

Customers have the right to cancel a payday loan at no cost within 24 hours of loan issuance.

Carry Over 

Best Choice Loan does not offer extensions of an outstanding payday loan for a fee, or advance a new payday loan to pay out your existing payday loan.

  • In the Event that you cannot pay your loan in full on the due date. Contact our office.  Hey, unavoidable and emergency circumstances happen. It’s not the end of the world. Just notify our customer service team to discuss your options. It’s all about communication. We will figure it out together. Avoiding any further collection actions.

Multiple Loans

You are only permitted one loan, which must be paid in full before another loan will be issued. 

  • Remember to borrow responsibly. Best Choice Loan Ltd. strives to support our customers during heavy financial times, we want to make sure that your loan sets you up for financial success, no matter what! Please be aware that numerous short-term loans can put you into more serious long-term financial debts.


Fully Licensed and accountable to Consumer Protection BC and all governing laws.

Collection Practices

Best Choice Loan collects past due accounts in a fair, lawful and professional manner.

Record Keeping

Best Choice Loan keeps and maintains records of all financial transactions with its customers in accordance with the standards established by Consumer Protection BC.