How it Works

Has your bank account been active for at least 90 days? If you have 90 days of banking history (3 months), you’ll be eligible to apply.

Do your pay cheques get processed on a regular schedule? Whether you are getting paid every week, bi-weekly, or once a month, all we need is to verify that you are getting a steady stream of income. Have you made all your payments? No NSF transactions. We want to make sure that we aren’t putting additional financial strain on our borrowers by approving them for a payday loan over and above what is realistically affordable — we want to make sure that our loan sets you up for financial success, no matter what! To verify your paycheque schedule, we will ask for a recent pay stub, a voided cheque, or a screenshot of a recent direct deposit from your employer.

This is an easy box to check off: before you get approved for a payday loan in BC, you’ll have to be living and working in BC. Simple!

Best Choice Loan Ltd. offers Payday loans of up to 50% of the client’s net pay for BC customers – but never exceeding $1500 & - First-time borrowers are eligible for up to $400. Although the BC Government caps Payday loan interest rates at 15%, we charge only 14%. These loans are due on the client’s next payday. The Loan will be issued using Electronic Transfer (E-Transfer).

We value:

Fast efficient Service:
Our payday loans in BC are designed to be accessible, making it easier than ever to get a loan immediately. Our priority is to ensure fast approvals so you can get back to what’s most important in your life.
Easy Application:
We make our lending process easy and straightforward. Making the application quick and with a minimal amount of required information. No Lengthy questionnaires.
Community Connection:
Knowing our customers and building solid relationships. Our borrows love that they can complete all aspects of the loan application process right from home, without ever having to sit down with a representative.

However, if you would rather have a professional client care specialist walk you through the process, we are happy to offer that service as well. Our customer support staff is always ready and available to answer any questions that you may have by email or phone to ensure you get the loan you need. Customer satisfaction is first and foremost what to expect from Best Choice Loan Ltd. It’s a core part of our business.

So, let’s get you started and join many satisfied short term loan Borrowers.

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Borrow Responsibly Loan Policy


The Policy

Every loan application at Best Choice Loan Ltd. is subject to a consistent risk assessment process that will verify the borrower has the ability to repay the loan amount. To do this, Best Choice Loan Ltd. will use a combination of verifications that include, but are not limited to: verifying BC Resident status eligibility for loan applications; verifying your monthly income is sufficient enough to cover loan payments; verifying you are not in or on the brink of bankruptcy; verifying you do not have an excessive amount of insufficient funds associated with your account; verify you do not have a large number of pre-authorized payments that will mitigate your ability to make loan payments. Failure to pass any of these verifications will result in the denial of your loan application.

The Warning

Remember to borrow responsibly. Best Choice Loan Ltd. strives to support their customers during heavy financial times, but we know our rates are higher than the banks. We advise that you only choose to apply for a payday loan when no other options are available. We want to make sure that we aren’t putting additional financial strain on our borrowers by approving them for a payday loan—we want to make sure that your loan sets you up for financial success, no matter what! Please be aware that numerous short-term loans can put you into more serious long-term financial debts.